The Partners

We have formed a partnership because we know and highly respect each other’s extensive knowledge and skills.  Scroll down the page to view our profiles.

  • Lowell Ann Fuglsang
  • Marilyn Henigman
  • Dawn Schell

LowellAnnFuglsangLowell Ann Fuglsang

Employment Coaching – My Life’s Work:

My employment career began in New Brunswick where I learned my employment counselling skills with a Service industry portfolio.  Later, in the Northwest Territories I worked with the Professional portfolio  before progressing to Supervisor of Employment and Counselling Services.  In my final role as an Internal Consultant, I trained new Employment Counsellors and Project Development Officers and implemented a team based management approach for NWT and Nunavut Employment Offices.   After twenty years in this career and employment work with the Canadian federal government, it seemed natural to find something constructive to do following an early retirement, and Workstyle-Lifestyle Consulting became a reality. My consulting work took me to many communities in northern Canada where I worked with emerging leaders in the new territory Nunavut.  It also prompted me to explore a variety of learning experiences such as Executive Coaching, Adult Education and developmental studies as well as facilitation and Conscious Business courses.   I currently work as a Career Coach with clients who want a fulfilling career.  You can learn more about this work at Workstyle-Lifestyle Coaching.  I keep my balance by walking daily with my fitness partner and participation in the Gettin’ Higher Choir.

Marilyn Henigman

Thriving on Life-Long Learning

My earlier education and work experiences included social work, educational advising and public administration. In my mid-forties I began looking for a new career direction that would use all of my prior skills and stimulate me to develop new skills. A co-worker suggested Employment Counselling and after 30 informational interviews with Employment Counsellors I determined that this was the new path to follow. With no looking back and nearly 15 years later I am still very grateful to have found this new and rewarding career.
Life long learning experiences for me have come from all sources – friends and family, academic learning, literature and my daily learning experiences working with clients and colleagues. I thrive on new learning and am inspired by travel, new ideas and experiences and the rewards of helping others achieve career success and fulfillment.
I am a registered Career Counsellor with the BC Career Development Association and have my Certification in Career Counselling. I also sit on the Board of the Home Office Support Team in Victoria.
In addition to working with individuals, I enjoy teaching workshops on job search and career exploration at Camosun College and in the community. I have a special interest and experience in working with 45+ job seekers.
When not working, I enjoy singing in my women’s chorus (Kintara), golfing and dancing. For more information I invite you to visit my website at .

Dawn Schell

Encouraging people to weave lives of vision and purpose

I got into career counselling because of two emergency medical leaves at a friend’s employment agency. She was in need of a counsellor who worked well with young adults and I was looking for something new to do. I took the job and discovered a deep passion for empowering people to find meaning and purpose in their work and their lives. Over the years I have worked with a wide range of ages and stages: from first job to beyond retirement.

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a Certified Career Development Practitioner with the BC Career Development Association.

I have my Master’s degree in Counselling from Simon Fraser University and specialized training in online counselling. And – I am always learning! Whether it’s through courses, conferences, webinars or reading articles I like to keep up-to-date.

Who’s inspiring me? People like – Norm Amundson, Danielle Laporte Jen Louden, Patti Digh, Michael Bungay Stanier and Christine Kane.

My leisure time is spent on a variety of creative pursuits, especially puppetry and theatre.

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