Work Search Workshops for Boomers

Three Golden Keys

Golden Keys

Golden Keys is a three part series designed to give you the leading edge in today’s competitive job market. In these interactive  workshops you will discover the secret to overcoming ageism in your work search!

  • Enjoy the support derived from working in groups;
  • Increase your confidence by learning the latest techniques;
  • Add more tools & resources in your tool kit.
  • Improve your work search skills & knowledge
  • Experience our support during the process.

The Quest

Discovering what you want and where to find it. Covers topics such as Your Creative Job Search, The Hidden Job Market, Thinking like an Employer, On-line Searching, All About Informational Interviewing, Marketing Techniques, Effective Use of Agencies, Personal Presentation, Organized Preparation.

The Connection

Discovering new approaches for standing out from the crowd. Develop résumés and cover letters that get the employers attention. The secret to avoiding ageism, the appearance of being overqualified and communicating that you are “with it”.

The Engagement

Discovering how to prepare for interviews that will knock their socks off. Learn how to put a young interviewer at ease, plan your approach and answer those tough questions.

Workshop Price:

Purchase the full three session program at $99. Intentionally affordable so that you can begin earning as quickly as possible! Fee payable through PayPal.



These courses can be delivered in a couple of ways:

  1. In Victoria we can offer courses at a place and time that we will arrange once we have 12 interested people.
  2. If you prefer on-line attendance, we can offer the courses as Hangout Events on Google +.


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